Select TV Formats


Formatme.co.uk is the trading name for SELECTTVFORMATS LTD

We started off as a brand-new company offering our entertainment format creation and format consultancy services.

We also specialise in creating TV treatments and in writing reality TV formats covering a range of genres. i.e.

  • Action/Adventure
  • Dating
  • Quiz/Panel Shows
  • Talent Shows
  • Challenge shows etc

We stand out through our passion, creativity and our attention to all aspects of entertainment format creation and TV production.

Now we are an emerging Indie seeking to partner with other Indie/production companies to produce our own inhouse generated slate of unscripted multi-platform entertainment formats.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver original, multiplatform entertainment formats to a highly lucrative format content marketplace., and we work with our clients to maximize their potential.

So, stay tuned and join us at our upcoming launch.

Select TV Formats